TalkBack, The Android Screen Reader

TalkBack is a Google app for Android, that is targeted at the visionimpaireds. People with impaired visions, has a decreased ability to see to a degree, which is why Google introduced this awesome app, to help make things easier while scrolling through the Android device.

TalkBack app

Pic Source: Google Play Store

People with decreased sight, are unable to enjoy most of things that the perfect sighted people are able to do with their Android device; like peeping at pixels, and discussing the merits of display technology. TalkBack provides comprehensive set of tools, that assists folks that are blind or with low vision.

TalkBack, The Android Screen Reader

What TalkBack Does

When you buy an Android device, it’s been accompanied by the Google’s TalkBack app. Some of Android users find this app quite annoying because they don’t know what it does, and how it works. Some, who understands the work of this Android app, finds it very interesting and useful (only those with low visions).

The Google’s TalkBack is an Android phone app that helps or assists you in various ways. It is an accessibility app that helps people with bad eyesight or vision, to enjoy and interact with their devices. This Google app makes use of an audible feedback, to let you know what is on your screen, and whatever you are touching.

This app is regularly been updated by Google, on the Google’s Play Store, they keep adding some nice features to it, and making it a user friendly app. If you are the type that has a low vision, you really need its assistance in accessing your Android device.

Here is how the Google’s TalkBack works – you simply use your finger to explore the screen, when you come across any app or readable text, TalkBack plays in. It tells you what you touch, and all you need to do is double tap it to open, or move to the next element.

How To Turn On TalkBack

If you areturning ON your Android device for the first time, you will see an option to turn on TalkBack. Even if it’s not the first time of you turning on the device, you can also get to your Android device accessibility to turn it on.

This app is available for Android 4.0 and above. If you are turning on your phone for the first time, for Android 4.1, all you have to do is press and hold two fingers on your setup screen, when your Android Screen recognizes this gesture, it will automatically turn on TalkBack, and start the tutorial. For the Android 4.0, you need to use your finger and draw a closed triangle on the Android setup screen, when the phone recognize this gesture, it will beep and turn on this feature.

For those setting up TalkBack later, all you have to do is navigate to your phone settings, click on accessibility, for the Android 4.1 and above, choose TalkBack and slide the ON button. For Android 4.0, select TalkBack and slide to the ON position. For those using the 3.2 and earlier Android versions, select TalkBack, and click the check boxes. After these steps, click OK on the confirmation screen to give TalkBack access to your phone.

TalkBack is one of the most interesting Android, that gives everyone the access to make use of their devices without looking at the screen. Thanks to Google, for developing such an interesting feature.